May Dolls

The store displays a variety of May dolls.

Sekku of Tango displays are intended to celebrate and protect baby boys. In general, armor is put on display for the first-born son on his first sekku and helmets are usually put on display for sons born second, third, and so on. These displays are considered lucky charms for the children, so it is a good idea to set up one for each son.

This is a new type of Taisho Display that is currently popular featuring an adorable child-like warrior with a topknot hairstyle and is available with either an elevated platform display or a flat display. This Taisho Display celebrating a first battle is a great way to wish for a child’s strong growth.

This warrior is characterized by his dignified face. We offer a variety of displays from compact types to tiered types. This heroic Taisho Display is perfect for watching over the healthy growth of your child.

This is a display that replicates the armor and helmets of famous Sengoku period generals. Considering the Sekku of Tango is an event to protect boys from misfortune, armor and helmet displays are said to be the most traditional types. They can also be upgraded to more authentic displays by adding options such as torches.

Tadayasu’s Armor could be called a comprehensive craft, combining techniques such as metalwork, lacquerwork, dying, sewing, and leather. Each item is handcrafted one by one with great care and dedication using skills refined through many years of training. At our main store, we display and sell works by Okoshi Tadayasu as an authorized dealer.

Continuing a tradition of Kyoto, armor producing master Zenjiro Imamura began making the armor of Heianju Issui. Since then, the techniques have been passed down from generation to generation and further refined to the present day. At our main store, we display and sell works by Heianju Issui as an authorized dealer.

This is perfect for your special boy to wear on special occasions such as the Sekku of Tango. It is meant for children aged 3 to 7 (around 5 years old on average) and comes with a set of clothing to celebrate Shichi Go San or the Sekku of Tango.