Shugetsu Japanese Dolls

Shugetsu Japanese Dolls

Shugetsu Dolls, led by the 16th head of the Shugetsu family, are made by skilled craftspeople.
From Hina Dolls to Warrior Dolls and armor with helmets, they are uniquely exquisite works of art crafted with great care for 16 generations.

Sharing the Heart of Japan and Beautiful Traditions

address1-11-16 Fujimi-cho, Iwata City, Shizuoka, 438-0083, JAPAN
opening hours10:00 〜 17:00
holiday【May to November】Sat・Sun・national holiday
【December to April】Wed・New year holiday season

・There’s a parking lot
・Please call us if you get lost.

Japanese traditions and festival dolls

The Five Sekku The word “sekku” in Japanese is based on the word “setsu” which refers to seasonal divisions according to the Chinese calendar used during the Tang Dynasty in which overlapping odd numbers were considered inauspicious when accumulated (yang).

To balance this, events called “Hija” were held and led to customs where people received life energy from plants and conducted rituals to purify evil spirits.

It is said that due to a combination of the Chinese calendar and Japanese farming customs, feasts were held at the imperial palace on certain days to ward off evil spirits and these days became known as “sekku”.