Examples of overseas customers

Shugetsu dolls are also ordered by overseas customers and companies.
We will introduce examples of transactions with overseas companies and customers.

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This is an order for a custom-made helmet for a Lexus model.

For several years now, we have received orders through Dentsu and have been producing them.

The process started with an inquiry: “I would like to request the production of a helmet.Before that, I would like to come to the workshop and have a discussion.”


The person in charge saw your blog and contacted us.

The request was for a helmet to be worn by a high-level customer at the Lexus headquarters in North America, and they wanted an authentic helmet.

We discuss in detail the color of the small bills, the color of the wire, the color of the string, and the color of the metal fittings.

In order to bring out the Japanese feel, the helmet is basically a dragon’s head, so we requested that it be included.

This dragon head is a traditional dragon head carved out of wood, stamped with gold leaf, and holding a crystal ball in its hand.

When I said, “Shall I put the Lexus logo on it?” He said, “That’s interesting.However, our customers want traditional Japanese helmets.”

The Kabuto-bachi is a full-fledged Kabuto-bachi made of 18 pieces of iron that are carefully tied together one by one and decorated with pins called stars planted throughout.

There are silver parts on the front and back. This is called two-sided white. The arrow-like thing that extends from top to bottom is called Shinodare.

The tip of the helmet above the head is hachimanza, which is said to be the place where the gods dwell. This is also made of metal and has a sense of weight.

The string with knots on both sides is a Musou knot, and the color is traditional rust vermilion (not yellow).

The small bills (kozane) are small gold bills, and the yellow ones are red and white, which is typical of Japan.

In hopes of making it more expensive, we created a custom-made model for Lexus in North America that featured brass, pure gold plating, and gold leaf stamping in various parts.

The Earl of Carnarvon family has been in the family for generations since 1793 and is known for funding the excavation of the royal tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamun in ancient Egypt.

The Earl of Caernarfon’s home is Highclere Castle in Hampshire, which was built in the 17th century and was used for filming the TV drama Downton Abbey.

This time, I made this because I wanted to see the real thing of Japan’s historical traditional culture (traditional crafts).

The helmet of Tokugawa Ieyasu crossed the sea to reach the Grand Duke of Marx-Habsburg-Lothringen in Salzburg.

The Grand Duke of Marx-Habsburg-Lothringen lives in Kaiservilla, where See and Franz-Joseph met and remained their beloved summer residence.

The castle is not only luxurious and beautiful, but it is also a place where these two human beings are still alive, including Elisabeth’s study and the secret passageway that Franz-Joseph took to the dining room.

The family lives here, but part of the castle is open to the citizens, including a music school for children and concerts.

The Grand Duke is a very intelligent person who is very interested not only in the history of his family, but also in British and other royal families, and Japanese culture, so I made this and gave it to him.

Mr. K’s gorgeous seven-tiered 15 dolls went to Africa.
I received a thank you letter from Mr. K, so I would like to introduce it to you.


Mr. B, who lives in New York State, USA, ordered the armor worn by Tokugawa Ieyasu.

We also have a carp streamer named Kazamai, which is a carp streamer.

Mr. M, who lives in Toronto, Canada, ordered a beautiful Tokugawa Ieyasu helmet decoration.