About Shugetsu

We would like to offer our heartfelt wishes for your continued health and happiness.

Thank you very much for considering Shugetsu Dolls. Shugetsu Dolls, led by the 16th head of the Shugetsu family, are made by skilled craftspeople.

From Hina Dolls to Warrior Dolls and armor with helmets, they are uniquely exquisite works of art crafted with great care for 16 generations.

Together with Shugetsu’s Protection Hina and Protection Dolls created in the hopes of children’s growth, we too pray for the happiness of your child and hope for your continued support of Shugetsu Dolls.

Thank you very much,

Doll and Armor Craftsman & Store Owner Shugetsu XVI

We manufacture and wholesale our products to over 300 partners nationwide.
*”Shugetsu Dolls” in Asakusabashi, Tokyo is a separate company and not affiliated with this company in any way.

address1-11-16 Fujimi-cho, Iwata City, Shizuoka, 438-0083, JAPAN
opening hours10:00 〜 17:00
holiday【May to November】Sat・Sun・national holiday
【December to April】Wed・New year holiday season

・There’s a parking lot
・Please call us if you get lost.

A long line of armor makers dates back for generations to the Warring States period in Japanese history.
As this period came to an end and times changed, the purpose of armor shifted from a tool of war to a votive offering or a work of art. Against this historical backdrop, this family applied their skills and sensibilities as armor makers to craft dolls, taking up the new trade name “Shugetsu” and passing on their traditions and techniques to people around the world.

These skills have been passed down from generation to generation and the current head of the family is the 16th generation. However, it’s regrettable that the family tree and other priceless items were destroyed in the war.

We are still producing them in our workshop.

We receive orders from overseas companies and customers living overseas.

With a wish for the healthy growth of all children, no compromises of quality are made as new crafting materials and methods are sought out.

It really is a world of “learning from the past to understand the present” and we are proud of our mission to create a new era of dolls by fusing good parts of the old with the good parts of the new.
This is no easy task, but it is a challenge we will take on and create each item with a great deal of care in the hopes that it pleases and is cherished by our customers.