Ichimatsu Doll

Ichimatsu Dolls have been with girls for centuries as dress-up dolls and to practice sewing with. Ichimatsu Dolls are also called “Hoko-sama” and can protect children by acting as a decoy to attract misfortune.

These days they’re not only used for sekku but also as gifts for different occasions and displayed in homes throughout the year. They are very popular and have a range of uses such as for gifts for people overseas and souvenirs.

Shugetsu offers these high-quality, luxurious Ichimatsu Dolls as an authorized dealer of Eisui Ichimatsu Dolls.

【Eisui Toso Ichimatsu Dolls】

The Toso Ichimatsu Doll is made by Eisui, a doll maker who loves dolls more than anyone.

Let’s look at these high-quality Ichimatsu Dolls that have preserved a doll-making tradition that dates back for centuries.

【Eisui Ichimatsu】